About Us

About Us

Build your dream home interior with Alustil

Alustil® started in 2012 to pursue one goal – revolutionising the industry of home furnishing. The Alustil brand has been known for using aluminium as their material for producing high-quality items, customizable designs, and widening the possibilities for their design. We look into the future of home furnishing by bringing your vision to life which will be perfect for your lifestyle.


We start our process by consulting with our client first. Let’s meet at your home or in our office anytime.

The first meeting will be the getting-to-know stage so we can learn more about our clients from their expectations of us to what they envision for the design. We don’t charge you anything for this meeting because we try to establish the style and want your input for your home.


Once we know your vision, this is when we try to bring your ideas to life.

Our team start by measuring your space, identifying the materials and finish comes next; then we create a layout of the design so that we have a visual reference before we start building the interior. All your ideas are already incorporated along with our unique input based on our meetings.

Project Management

Our project management service helps you to supervise the schedule and control the rollout work of installation. Our onsite experience and organizational skills create a stress-free experience providing you with a single point of contact, progress updates and problem-solving solutions.

Customer Services & Supports

Completion of our project is not the end of our relationship with our clients. Our customer service and support team will be more than happy to assist you in whatever way they can, and striving improve along the way.


Why Alustil?

Alustil combines precision manufacturing with design ergonomics, providing solutions for contemporary kitchen spaces with a kitchen of stylish simplicity, perfected in its contents and functions that respond to rhythms of daily life.

Our Story & Value

The backbone and foundation of Alustil was founded in 1995, has gradually grown and evolved to a greater height when the brand “Alustil” was officially inaugurated in year 2012.

The name, “Alustil” derives from the fusion of two key words: “Alu” (aluminium) and “- stil” (style in german). The recyclable and refined qualities of aluminium, as the key engineering material used in our kitchen system, is a continuous source of inspiration for us. The name also evokes our pursuance and commitment for the high precision and quality.

Quality is one of Alustil’s key values, which can be applied to the way of our meticulous development and innovations, of which has made Alustil stand out in the kitchen sector, focusing on functional and timeless kitchens, that are made to last.