Kitchen Design Collaboration

Alustil has a collaborations with some of the cool and creative designers making modern kitchen designs which are characterized by its luxurious beauty, linear approach, and contemporary design that attracts a many of our customers.

Kitchen Cabinet

Alustil has been constructing bespoke kitchen cabinets for years. They have their MOD and LUX series both known for its intricate design that covers the needs of their clients and occupies the space for the kitchen perfectly. Every individual kitchen is made unique by Alustil.


We have created our innovative MOD wardrobe line which features an evolved modularity that is adaptable for both stand-alone wardrobe or a walk-in closet that is fully customised to fit your needs and attuned to your life. You get to transform your wardrobe space with varieties of shelvings, extra drawers or dressing counter by simply mix and match!


An creative extension of our own modularity concept, we have made our unique Storage furnishing system that is characterized by a simple yet creative design.. Our small storage solutions are both beauty and function combined, with quality fixtures and accessories. Room space can be maximized by the addition of a piece like this and the additional storage gained is a huge plus. Let your storage pieces also help to define your space.

Kitchen Remodeler – High Quality Kitchen Cabinets Focusing on Function, Innovation and Durability.

We are committed to building a quality kitchen, and you’ll see it in the details.

Alustil has been around since 1995 and our quality workmanship and innovations continue to grow. We credit the strong business foundation we established when we captured our niche in the kitchen sector. It allows us to continue to meet the ever-growing customer demand each year.

We pride ourselves in delivering unique designs and introducing new elements -remarkably aluminium in our kitchen range. A material palette of aluminium and glass articulates the forms of Alustil, focusing on function, innovation and durability into every kitchen that we make in today’s sustainable living.








Designing a kitchen can come down to the materials used. We at Alustil have moulded the unique identity of our kitchens incorporating aluminium applications to our design along with the patented carcase system we developed. The durable, recyclable and sustainable super-material that is aluminium have inspired us to build modern kitchens that are like works of art, and most importantly made to last with ease in maintenance Our clients love it!


Each kitchen is designed with people in mind and built around their needs for ergonomics, flow of movement, practicality and space requirements. We have the storage solutions and a line of accessories for our customised creations that cast a modern kitchen tailor-made to how our customer envisions functions and style in their home. Maximizing comfort and efficiency is the goal of every design we create.


Modern kitchen designs nowadays are personalisable to owner’s personal style and taste. Using a palette of profiles and materials incorporating into the design, we offer endless possibilities to make beautiful kitchens to every element and details possible.

Be it door fronts, backsplash or worktops, there is a palette of finishes, colours, textures and materials, Our customers are invited to express themselves through their kitchen. With high-quality installations, we bring your kitchen ideas to life.

Our Partners

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