Pull-out vertical drawer with basket which extends further out gives the user an overall view and easy access to the contents.

For optimal use of corner units, consider intelligent corner storage solution that simultaneously draws the front and the roll-out rack for easy loading and unloading, all in a smooth and silent flowing motion. The perfect solution for storing tableware, pots and pans.

Waste disposal is easier with our counter top waste bin.

In-cupboard kitchen bins free up floor space and great for recycling or waste.


Simplicity & Flexibility

MOD 2 is designed in a simple yet flexible L-shaped layout that makes excellent use of space, with a tall open display unit positioned along one arm of L, and fully extended work counter on the other end. Ideally providing additional storage and display area and allowing circulation room for at least two people to work within the kitchen area. Dining table is also incorporated in the scheme, seamlessly divided by a sliding glass door.

Product Specifications

Body Aluminium Cabinet Carcase – Huracan System 
Finishing Powder Coated : Tex Grey (G 08)
Panel Glass : Light Grey (103)
Worktop Quartz